Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Some Monster Hunter Line tests!

Here are some line tests for my animation.

The first is just a run cycle I made of the main character to see how he looks :

These next two are of the Acid Weeping Aardvark:

I have also started on the screaming zicckle back animation, I just need to re do the blink close up on him and he is also done.

I will also be re-shuffling some of my scenes of the film so it starts off at the Drunken Badger Inn and we will see these guys later on in the animation.

One more thing I want to talk about is the new vimeo, I very happy they have now gotten rid of the 30 minute wait once you've uploaded something, the only little change I don't like is that you have to click on the file settings of your upload to name and write the description, I liked it under the upload bar so I could write it up while watching it upload, but saying that I rather be this way than have the 30 minute wait =P

tomorrow I should have some more line tests to show you all!


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