Friday, 27 May 2011

Blast from the past!

Tonight, I went back to a very old concept for a character I kept building on when I was back in high school, I've given him a makeover and a new name! Zack Gladebottom! I always loved his character's weapon, The Buster Rule, a sword made up from a pencil, sharpener and a ruler, the original design it was alot bigger, but I scaled it down so it looks more realistic that he could actually use it.

The character is from a project called "Lazy Days" which was about a group of artists turned demon hunters, which could turn art supplies into weapons and bring drawings to life. They hunt down demons that have been sealed into famous works of arts by their artists, such as the moan lisa which would turn out to be a banshee of some sorts.

Might re do more of the characters over the summer!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hey sally!

Quick doodle I did today, based on a character for a stop motion animation project a friend is doing for this final year at uni.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Last Redwood Revised

Here are the new designs of Renwick, I'm really starting to like this character, will have to try animating him over the summer.

Started with faces getting to draw some expression helps to get a feel for the character design and also helps to see if you could re-draw the character and keep him looking the same.

Next was a full body shot, making sure I get the fit the right size and not too stylised and hands, I guess they should have been a bit more visible but I liked the pose.

I also did a another pose with his sword drawn just to see how he looks in different poses

This was just a simple run drawing to see how he would look in an action pose, I think it came out pretty good, I like to know what you think!

- Matt

The Last Redwood First designs

Here are some old versions I found of the characters I'm designing for one of my future projects, The last Redwood,

This is the main character Renwick Redwood, and you'll see the updated one above this post, just cleaned him up a bit and drawn the body from this first design.

This is a character that I will be changing alot, his name was Gruda but will most likely change that as well as I will be making him into some form of bear race character, as disney wants to see some anthropomorphic characters.

Some FMX Doodles!

here are some of the doodles I did while at FMX =P 

This was done while everyone was drawing pugs for our pug obsessed friend,

This was drawn at the german airport while i was very tired and waiting for the plane.

Sketch Dump!

Just a compilation of some doodles and sketches I have done, has a bit of fan art and original work in there!


A drawing of a friend

Was bored one night and decided to draw the friend I was talking to online, I think it came out pretty well, just added a bit of colour to the lips in photoshop.


Guat and Giddy

Here is another character I dug up and finally got to scanning, I drew this after coming back from the cinema from watching How to Train your Dragon, which in my favourite dreamworks film.

Owl of the Woods

Here is some character design I did last year in the summer for an animation idea called Owl in the Woods.
The idea was about a small child raised by a magical owl, who becomes a defender of woods saving people from bandits and protecting the creatures that live in the wood.

Back from FMX!

Back from FMX nice to be back in my old bed, but what a great week!

I have learnt alot about where I want to go with my career and got alot of tips and advice on how to go about it!

Talking to disney was amazing! I never thought I would ever even meet someone from the company I have loved for so many years, let alone get advice from them. I'm very determined to work for them now and will do whatever it takes!

Good tip for anyone showing their showreel to disney would be have detailed characters and lip sync!

Now for a weekend of drawing!

- Matt

Monday, 2 May 2011


Today I set off to Germany for the animation convention FMX! Very exciting also here is another link to my Vimeo page which has most of my animations uploaded! One of my latest ones is too big for vimeo at the moment so I will have to upgrade my membership so I can upload bigger sized files, which I'll do once I get back!


- Matt