Tuesday, 30 October 2012

100th POST!

If you haven't guessed it yet this is my 100th post! I've been waiting a while to try and make this a big post with some cool and interesting content.

I never thought I'd take to blogging so much as I have, I check all the blogs I'm following everyday and spend time thinking of what I can blog myself.
It has been a very useful tool of showcasing myself online and I urge anyone who hasn't got one to start straight away!

So what have I been up to?

Early this month I visited a networking event hosted by the great people of Toonboom, where we got to meet CEO Joan Vogelesang, Product Manger Lilly Vogelesang and Director Sean Scourse to name a few. I had perviously met them at FMX early in the year, it was great to find out that they remembered me by face when I said hello, and it was good to talk about what I was up to and planing next.

We got a good demo of harmony 10 given by Lilly on how to use the deform tool, which in my opinion is the greatest thing to happen in toonboom. You can add so much more life into a cutout puppet and get the same quality animation as you could from hand drawn.

As I added bonus when we arrived we placed our business cards in a raffle and I won a copy of FlipBoom Cartoon, Which I might be giving my sister as she has mentioned an intrest in animation.

A few nights ago I went to my first Dr.Sketchy's event with Jacqui Davis aka The Logic Fairy .
It was a great night and a very interesting way to get people into life drawing. The night had two models the first Serpentina who preformed belly dancing and then posed for quick warm up drawings along with one we had to do with our left hand. 


The main model was Anna Fur Laxis who preformed a burlesque routine before we got down to the drawing which is a much better way than the model just de-robing. 



It was a great night out and a much more fun way of doing life drawing. The host Madam X made the whole event feel more like a show than it just being a life drawing class, and we had a great DJ who played some brilliant tunes which really set the mood. 
Can't wait for the next one in December!

Some more cool news now Starting tomorrow my Comic OH SH*T ZOMBIES starts on it's very own blog, so go check that out tomorrow via the link here OH SH*T ZOMBIES
Which should then update every weekend afterwards =D

Almost finished with my time at Alton Towers as a Caricature artist, it's been a fun experience improving and learning the skills needed and I have met some very interesting and nice people, not to mention a few squirrels and a pheasant! Here are some of the monster ones I have done for Alton Tower's Scarefest!



At the moment I'm working on some freelance animation work for the Game "Go To Hell Dave" as well as working on some short animation film projects in any spare time I have so keep tuned for updates on them in the near future.

Last of all I'd thought I share with you just a little comic I've been doodling in my sketch book while at work called Mitch.

Well that's it for my 100th Post, I hope you have enjoyed it and here's to a 100 more!