Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hey guys and gals,

Check out my new webcomic!

I will update the comic once every 2 weeks on a monday, hopefully in the future it will go weekly but at the present time that's what I can manage :P

Hope you all enjoy!


Monday, 8 September 2014


Hey you can now check me out on freelanced:


It's been a while

It's as been quite some time since my last update, I have been extremely busy. I've moved up to Liverpool and at work I have started our first company short film 17/10 which will be a collection of 17 ten second shorts for each member of our team! I'll be sure to post what I can in the upcoming months.

I've also got a few new comic projects on the go, I'm almost complete with the writing process on my first attempt at a sci-fi story, can't wait to show you guys!

But for now you can check out my new portfolio :