Thursday, 2 February 2012


Happy Blog-day! It's been a year today since I started this blog, so to mark the occasion I decided to do a quick new take on the first picture I uploaded.

Within this year my blog has gone through I think about five different designs, but I finally happy with one and plan on sticking to it (for at least another month or so).

I've found since I had this blog I show alot more of my work that I'm proud of, and it's been great to see what industry professionals have been getting up to by following their blogs.

One of the most inspiring blogs has to be Deja View [ ] which posts pencil tests and design sheets from loads of famous films, alot of the disney. This gives you a great insight into the films and their design process which is great to read up on.  

More importantly once I start getting my work out into festivals and such this year my blog comes up as the number search in google when you search Artmonkeymg so it's help with the easy part of making my work easy to find, now I just need to get people wanting to look for it =P 

Hopefully by next year I'll be working in a professional studio myself, and have alot more work to show off to you all!


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