Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Last Redwood Revised

Here are the new designs of Renwick, I'm really starting to like this character, will have to try animating him over the summer.

Started with faces getting to draw some expression helps to get a feel for the character design and also helps to see if you could re-draw the character and keep him looking the same.

Next was a full body shot, making sure I get the fit the right size and not too stylised and hands, I guess they should have been a bit more visible but I liked the pose.

I also did a another pose with his sword drawn just to see how he looks in different poses

This was just a simple run drawing to see how he would look in an action pose, I think it came out pretty good, I like to know what you think!

- Matt


  1. I'm loving this guy and the style, he's expressive and hasn't got that annoying too-handsome look that most leading male characters have. I wanna see line-tests of this guy in action now ;)

  2. I'm really glad you liked him, you help me with a his body design too, I made him a bit more bulky than I first pictured him as you made a good point about all male leads in cartoons are normally pretty boys =P