Friday, 27 May 2011

Blast from the past!

Tonight, I went back to a very old concept for a character I kept building on when I was back in high school, I've given him a makeover and a new name! Zack Gladebottom! I always loved his character's weapon, The Buster Rule, a sword made up from a pencil, sharpener and a ruler, the original design it was alot bigger, but I scaled it down so it looks more realistic that he could actually use it.

The character is from a project called "Lazy Days" which was about a group of artists turned demon hunters, which could turn art supplies into weapons and bring drawings to life. They hunt down demons that have been sealed into famous works of arts by their artists, such as the moan lisa which would turn out to be a banshee of some sorts.

Might re do more of the characters over the summer!


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