Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thought Bubble Comic Con Leeds 14-15th Novemeber

So yesterday I found out I was going to be an exhibitor at this years Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival​ November 14 -15th in Leeds, http://thoughtbubblefestival.com/ which is so frigging cool! Here is what I'll be taking:

Comic 1: Dungeon Raiders ( made by me)
Comic 2: The Streaker ( Written by Chad Colpitts Art by me )
Comic 3 (kind of): Printed post cards of my web comic strips

Money being a key factor and how long it takes to make my comic I hope to bring maybe a poster and a set of stickers :P

I hope you all make space in your calendar and come on down and check it out =D

Here is the front cover to Dungeon Raiders and one of the Covers of The Streaker ( Art subject to change )

Hope to see you in November!

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