Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My new work station!

Today I received my light box and my new work station is all set up.

Yesterday I took a trip to a local office furniture supplier and picked up a fancy used wave desk for super cheap, you can't even tell that it's used.

The desk looked a bit barren with just my mac and tablet on, until this morning, it felt a little like christmas opening it up so I thought I'd take some snaps =P

In it's Box


The disk comes with a new peg bar too, so now I have a spare.

Fitting the light was a bit teeth grinding, unlike the Lightboxes at Uni, the clips are metal as well as the light casing so it made a horrible screeching noise when clipping it in place, more so when I had to push it to the side so i could plug in the power lead. 

Woop! It works!

The new work station

..and finally I got around to framing my end of year film poster, the picture from my phone doesn't do how swanky this looks on the wall.

Right now I need to back to animating!


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