Monday, 23 January 2012

Final Year Film!

New year, new projects! I'm working on two main projects this year one I can't talk about at the moment, which is going to be awesome. The other project is my final year film called "The Monster Hunter's Guide"

I decided to drop the boy and the beast concept because when I started the story board process, I felt it would very boring to watch, and I want my final film to be something special.

The Monster Hunter's Guide will be a medieval how to film on killing various monsters, focusing on the would be Adventurer and the Narrator who gives you all the need to know information.

In this film I will focus on the Zombie. I will have a Animatic by the end of the week as I need to run this project on a tight time table, so it will be finished before I go to FMX later this year.

Here's a little promo poster for my film!

You may have noticed I have changed my header again, but hopefully this will be the last time I change it for a while.

- Matt

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