Thursday, 23 June 2011


This is my web comic I have started up again! If you guys wanna check it out it over on smack jeeves! Link as follows:

I will upload new pages on here as well! Some of the older stuff I'm really not keen on now on the site, but it shows progression.


  1. So you like webcomics and make webcomics and stuff right? I can has some help? I need to know about how easy it is to set up and maintain one because I might consider dipping my toe in the water with it soon.

    Going to sound really twee but I'm a member of a gerbil forum to get ideas and advice on gerbil care and in the member section I've posted a couple of doodles of my gerbils. It's been suggested that I make a webcomic. I'm thinking that if I do some more and the idea catches on I might make it into a proper strip. Ideas?

  2. lol gerbils =P I use smack Jeeves, it's kinda like blog spot but for webcomics, very simple and easy to use, you can also set it up so it updates when you want it to =P You can also make it how you want if you know html. but I don't know how well it works as I don;t know jack about html lol

    maintaining it is hard tho if you not got the free time, that's why I never got past chapter 1 with this before hand, but wanted to give it ago again, but looked back at the older stuff and thought bloody hell that looks awful! It was all very rushed, so re starting it again.

    But it's fun to do!

  3. Wow I just learnt something from you! I didn't realise webcomic sights like these existed. Just sketching out my own graphic novel, so maybe this might be a way of showing it off?

    Love your comic by the way, not sure whats wrong with the style it looks great to me. Just move on to chapter two. All artists grow and improve, don't get too bogged down in perfection otherwise you'll never finish it!

  4. Cheers, I just felt it needed tweaking but the it picks up from chapter 2 so I wont be redoing chapter 1 =P Glad your enjoying it!